The absolute peak of Hiking

At 2000m, the hiking is close to heaven

There is nothing more glorious than a high-alpine meadow mid-summer. If you like the experience of hiking in these serene remote locations, you’ll love coming here. The Durrand area offers a spectacular wilderness of peaks, waterfalls, lakes and wildlife. Oh yes, and over 100 varieties of wildflowers.

We have built over 80km of trails throughout the area to make all our favourite spots accessible to our guests. They are yours to explore on your own or to hike with a guided group. Each trail leads to its own particular magic. It may take you to a spot where you are likely to enjoy lunch in the company of mountain goats. Or a peak where the ravens and eagles above regularly ride the updrafts. Or to a meadow filled with colour and joy.

The trails we’ve built will allow you to explore every part of the vast area around our lodge. But, in a way, each trail will lead you to the same wonderful solitude, surrounded by views of the immense glaciers and Canadian alpine. Out chalet can be accessed only by helicopter. It’s in a remote wilderness that few if any people other than our guests ever visit. So, once you leave our lodge each morning, you’ll be heading off to discover a feeling of peace and quiet that too many of us lose touch with in our day-to-day lives.

Hiking at Selkirk Mountain Experience

Hiking at The Durrand Glacier Chalet